dental support organization

Since 2014

Beacon Dental Partners owns & manages dental offices for dentist.

Beacon Dental Partners is a Dental Service Organization (DSO) that allows each dental office to maintain independent brands and ensure that their unique identity and community bond remain consistent while providing exceptional dentistry. 
The company is committed to fostering opportunities for our affiliated dentists and their patients. Our dentist-focused philosophy offers dentists the opportunity to focus on patient care, not on business, and still enjoy the autonomy of making their own clinical decisions and determining their preferred scope of practise.

In today’s climate, private practise dentists are facing numerous challenges, from time-consuming day-to-day management problems to keeping up with the latest technologies. External factors such as managed care and government regulations have created economic pressures on all dental practises and, even with increased productivity, many dentists are seeing flat to lower earnings and a decrease in their practise equity.

Partner with us for dental services - We will be better together

Many of our affiliated dentists chose us because of the professional services and support we provide. Our affiliated dentists enjoy being able to focus on patient care again, and not having to be as heavily involved in the business side of running a dental practise. One of the greatest benefits we provide our dentists is the gift of time.

Sell your practise

Many dentists are now opting to sell their practises to dental support organizations (DSO). The benefits and values the DSO business model offers makes sense to dentists and can help them to achieve their long-term goals and cut out administrative burdens. What’s more, there are no standard terms involved in these transactions, such as assuming or not assuming a dentist’s liabilities; paying all cash up front or paying out over a given term; or what information will be used to calculate a dentist’s future payroll or commission.

For those dentists who are considering taking the leap, the key is to understand each term in the contract and the responsibilities involved so that they can hold DSOs accountable as necessary. This bears both on pre-acquisition and post-acquisition decisions.

If a dentist is near the end of his or her career and looking to take some of the burden off their practise (but not yet ready to retire), selling to a DSO might be the right move. That is because a good DSO helps make the day-to-day operations easier so that dentists can focus on their clinical time. As a further advantage, DSOs can be a great resource with respect to collections, accessing supplies at reduced costs, strategic marketing, and increasing profitability.

If a dentist is approaching retirement, DSOs provide several benefits over selling to an individual buyer. Not only are DSOs willing to pay more than private buyers, but they cash out with a higher evaluation and allow dentists to work the same or reduced schedules after the sale. This expedites their transition time while removing some of the unknowns from retirement planning. 

Our Advantages

Beacon Dental Partners provides dentist and business owners with a unique value proposition to partner with us:

  • Commitment to legacy

    We understand that good businesses are the result of hard work and commitment. Our day-to-day involvement following an acquisition demonstrates our commitment and dedication to your company’s continued success. We focus on long-term value operational continuity, stable employee relations, and continuity of the unique culture that each office establishes. 

  • Highest market pricing

    Receive the highest possible value for your practise. In most practises, as the owner inches closer to retirement and becomes slightly less motivated, profitability recedes. A 3% annual decrease over an extended period of time in marketing, collections and new-patient revenue, as well as having to rely on older technology, could cost you thousands of dollars at the time you sell your practise. We transition your practise when it is worth its maximum value.

  • Track Record of Success

    We have been able to buy and build upon practises
    we acquire. We have a business model where we want to maintain independent
    brands and ensure that their unique identity and community bond remain
    consistent with exceptional dentistry.